Red Fawn Sentenced / Waits to Learn Where She'll Be Held

After a long and heartbreaking period of incarceration, shut away from all who love her, our dear relative Red Fawn Fallis--the peaceful warrior who was targeted by the U.S. government and corporate oil profiteers for standing bravely for the rights of all people, all life, and all creation--was sentenced to 57 months in prison at her hearing in Bismarck, North Dakota, on July 11th.

After subtracting time already served, and "good time" she will likely earn while incarcerated, our beloved Red Fawn is expected to be eligible for release to a halfway house after serving approximately 24 months in prison. Honoring the request of Red Fawn's lawyers, the sentencing judge recommended she serve her time at a federal prison in Tucson or Phoenix, Arizona, but the federal board of prisons has yet to make its decision on her placement.

Here is the press release put out by the Water Protector Legal Collective on Red Fawn's sentencing or read the July 11th update:

And here is a photo taken of Red Fawn, strengthened and protected by the clothing lovingly and prayerfully provided by her dear relatives, just before she was taken to the courthouse for her sentencing.

This is what Red Fawn says about her clothing:


"My clothing was made with colors of protection, and the sunflowers represented our mother and her love to be with us in spirit through everything. The shirt was made by Auntie Phyllis Young and the skirt was made by my sister Loma Cleveland.  The earrings are quill work earrings made by my Hunka mother Bernice BullBear with love and strength. The beaded hair ties belong to my sister Arrow and she wanted me to know that she was right there with me and we would get through this together. The moccasins belong to my niece Magdalena Cleveland who wanted to support me and let me know that our younger generation will walk through these struggles together.The silver medallion I was wearing is a Protector medallion, given to the Mni Wiconi Water Protectors and made by my Uncle Mitchell Zephier."

We love you Red Fawn!

Red Fawn needs and greatly appreciates your greetings, as well as your financial support, and ESPECIALLY your prayers! 

Since Red Fawn will probably be moved several times in the next weeks, it's best to wait to send her letters--and to donate funds for her commissary and phone--until she arrives at the prison she's assigned to. To stay updated, be sure to check back

With love and solidarity,

The Standing With Red Fawn Support Committee

Red Fawn