UPDATE JUNE 15, 2018

UPDATE JUNE 15, 2018

Standing With Red Fawn Pre-Sentencing Event in Denver June 21st


Where is Red Fawn?

Red Fawn was recently transferred back to Burleigh/Morton County Detention Center, where she will be held until her sentencing hearing in Bismarck on June 25th.

Red Fawn is greatly encouraged and heartened by your cards and letters. You can send them to her at:

Red Fawn Fallis, Resident

Burleigh/Morton County Detention Center

P.O. Box 2499

Bismarck, ND 58502

Funds: http://www.burleighco.com/departments/sheriff/detention/
Phone: https://manage.reliancetelephone.com/customer/buycards.php
Also, funds may still be able to be deposited through her PayPal account on her Facebook page (Free RedFawn).


Important notice about the Red Fawn Legal Expense Fund!

A legal expense fund was set up to help cover the significant cost of attorneys and expert witnesses for Red Fawn’s trial (and now, for her sentencing hearing). These funds went into a trust account set up by her attorneys. One of the major ways your donations came in was through an IndiGogo campaign. 

Unfortunately, when Generosity purchased Indigogo, they returned all $44,000 in donations back to the donors--meaning, to YOU! This comes as a huge setback, right when the legal team is trying to hire more experts to help obtain a positive sentencing outcome for Red Fawn.

So, we are asking you to please donate to Red Fawn’s legal fund now--especially if you were one of the original donors who received a refund--or even if you weren’t! And ask your friends to donate as well!

You can donate through PayPal by clicking the button below or by sending a check, made payable to attorney Bruce Ellison, with Red Fawn Legal Trust in the memo line, to:

Red Fawn Legal Trust

Law Office of Bruce Ellison

PO Box 258

Rapid City, SD 57709

Red Fawn